Team Righteous

Team Righteous (Japanese: スケット団 Suketto-dan; lit. Helper Gang) are characters of the day who appeared in We're No Angels! in a TV clip. They bear a remarkable resemblance to the Team Rocket trio (to the point where one of their members wears a Meowth costume), but fight for good instead of evil.

An old film starring Team Righteous

They do not actually exist, being characters from a TV show that the local townspeople believed were real. They are the archetypal heroes, and are always doing what is right to an exaggerated degree. They have strong moral compasses, and are powerful enough to take on all evil they face.

The uniforms of Team Righteous do not actually have R's on them, as can be seen in the episode, but actually have the kana ス su, the first kana of their Japanese name, which looks visually similar to an R.



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