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Spectral Thief and Multi Attack have each been tested by me and my friend.SO,the results go as following: Multi-Attack is,and someone will find me and say NO when Pokebank is released,but so far,it is NOT affected.I bet somebody will find me.This was tested with 3 Memories (Bug,Dragon,Fire) and each of these made it through the Normalize ability,since my friend used Celesteela and Mew,with Ray in the back,and I had Skill Swap Delcatty and Silvally. Spectral Thief still drops their stats,but wont rise yours if its maxed. Aegislash W/3 swords dance and batonned into Marshadow.Used spectral thief on a Eevee(yes,i used PKHeX for scrappy marshadow,) and it dropped their stats while I kept mines. Thanks for reading. MuddyRayquaza (talk) 21:29, 9 January 2017 (UTC)MuddyRay

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