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I'm pretty sure that the abilities of the rental Pokémon are not set in stone. I was checking out the rental Pokémon to add to this page, and I found these:

Pokémon: Watchog Ability: Keen Eye Level: 50 Item: Chesto Berry Moves: -Super Fang -Low Kick -Iron Tail -Hypnosis

Pokémon: Watchog Ability: Illuminate Level: 50 Item: Chesto Berry Moves: -Super Fang -Low Kick -Iron Tail -Hypnosis

Pokémon: Tranquill Ability: Big Pecks Level: 50 Item: Cheri Berry Moves: -Air Cutter -Quick Attack -Taunt -Detect

Pokémon: Tranquill Ability: Super Luck Level: 50 Item: Cheri Berry Moves: -Air Cutter -Quick Attack -Taunt -Detect

As you can see, these Watchogs and Tranquills are identical, apart from their abilities. Now, I know there are multiple of the same species of Pokémon that you can get as rentals, but at least they have different held items and moves. These Watchogs and Tranquills are the same.

So is there a way we can show this in the box thingies? For example: instead of adding both these Watchogs and Tranquills, just add one and have Keen Eye/Illuminate and Big Pecks/Super Luck in the Ability part of the box thingy? Dilophosaurus Rex (talk) 22:58, 1 November 2012 (UTC)

To add more than one ability, put ability= and ability2=. The first one is for the first ability and the second one is for the second ability. Lady Ariel 01:21, 2 November 2012 (UTC)

Missing Pokemon

I had today four pokemon that are not on the list:

Garbodor = Held Item - Black Sludge ; Moves: Toxic, Venomshock, Focus Blast, Psychic; Ability - Stench

Bouffalant = Held Item - Life Orb; Moves: Head Charge, Eartquake, Megahorn, Trash(The last one is not 100% sure, just a Normal move that I didn't use so I can't recall); Ability - Don't remember

Elektross = Held Item - (Cant remember, sorry) ; Moves: Coil, Wild Charge, Crunch, Trash; Ability - Levitate

Klang = Held Item - (Again sorry, can't recall) ; Moves: Metal Sound, Flash Canon, Thundershock, Round; Ability - (Can't recall)

This is all I can remember, I will put more here.

PS: I didn't really edit the article for lack of knowledge using templates and lack of information, sorry. Nrvnqsr (talk) 06:32, 6 January 2013 (UTC)

Rental List

I think we should add a whole new page for Rentals as there are many rentals missing, seeing how I have always received a different Galvantula every time I participate, but forgotten its moves, held item etc.

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