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She left to train? I thought she left because she couldn't take raising them all.

>I don't remember it being specified, since I've never heard the original dialogue. I just assumed that she sent out to train since she has what looks like a fairly-well raised and capable team. *shrugs*

- Zeta

How many children?

She is the mother of Brock, Forest, and eight other children.

Lola was married to Flint and had eleven children.

How many children do they have? Ten or eleven? - MTC 05:42, 9 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Ten. Brock is the oldest, then Forrest, then the others. --BJG


Wasn't that Poliwag mention just a dub-added crap? --Maxim 09:21, 26 October 2007 (UTC)

No, you can actually see Poliwag in A family that battles together stays together --Wowy 08:48, 28 July 2008 (UTC)

Mime Jr.?

In the episode Grating Spaces she and Flint are at an airport with Brock's Ludicolo and a Mime Jr. Whose that Mime Jr.? It's hers?

Given that it was Team Rocket that arranged for Flint and his ***** to be away from the gym, chances are that may be James's Mime Jr.. Keep in mind that Team Rocket could have sent the couple off before attacking the gym. --Shiningpikablu252 01:50, 24 August 2008 (UTC)

Never Dead?

I just wanted to point out something. There is a trivia on the bottom of this page...

  • In the English-language dub of Showdown at Pewter City, Flint claimed that Brock's mother passed away. However, this was not in the case in original, and no attempt is made to rectify the mistake in the dub. This has caused much confusion, and many fans still believe that Lola is Flint's new girlfriend or second wife.

I think we should write at the end of that that it is entirely possible he was just plain lying. That's an obvious solution to the problem, right? :/ ~m190049 07:27, 26 August 2008 (UTC)


This is currently in the trivia of this article:

  • Lola is the only member of Brock's family to not have squinty eyes.

I think it should be deleted, for a very simple reason - this is not surprising watsoever. There is no reason to even assume that she would have them. After all, the kids got it from their father, which she is (well, at least presumably) not biologically related to, so why would we expect her to have them too? Does anyone agree?--Gou 03:53, 31 January 2011 (UTC)

I agree 04:16, 31 January 2011 (UTC)

"Never returned"?

It says in the article that Flint never returned from his journey. He was a rock salesman for a long time in Pewter City, so the article should be edited to mention that, as the History and Triva sections contradict each other because of this. --Nathan2055talk 19:33, 11 February 2011 (UTC)

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