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Starter deck

This article is about the decks of the Pokémon Trading Card Game video game. For the actual decks, see Theme Deck (TCG).

At the beginning of their quest, duelists are given a sample deck to duel Dr. Mason's assistant, Sam, after which they are awarded with their own starter deck. This deck will be used to duel Club members and Club Masters the duelist encounters, and their rival, Ronald. Once more cards are collected, initial ones may be retired, and it is often the namesake Pokémon card or its type that their starter deck is built around. As such, even advanced duelists may still use integral cards of their starter decks.

Starter decks

In Pokémon Trading Card Game after dueling his assistant Sam with a sample deck, Dr. Mason will award duelists with one deck of the following to begin their journey:

TCG1 A06 Charmander.png
Charmander & Friends Deck
TCG1 B17 Squirtle.png
Squirtle & Friends Deck
TCG1 B01 Bulbasaur.png
Bulbasaur & Friends Deck