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Springleaf Field

Springleaf Field (Japanese: モエギそうげん Moegi Field) is a location in Pokémon Channel. It is the first accessible location in the game and it is where the player's house is located.

Springleaf Field is the largest location in the game, with four sections: inside the player's house, a bus stop, a back yard, and an outside field.



Springleaf Field is located in a suburban area of Mintale Town. It is the location of the player's house.

Outside the front door of the house is a bus stop leading to other parts of Mintale Town. These buses require passes, which can be purchased on the Shop 'N Squirtle channel.

Outside the back door of the house is a small back yard with a garden. There is a gate in the back yard separating it from an even larger field, where several Pokémon live and visit.