Spin Slash (move)

Spin Slash
かいてんぎり Rotation Cut
It inflicts damage on all foes surrounding the user.
Spin Slash PMD RB.png
Type  ???
Category  Physical
PP 10
Hit Ratio 100%
Power 15
Extra Effects None
  • Affected by the Protect status
  • Not affected by Magic Coat
  • Not affected by the Snatch status
  • Affected by the Mirror Move status
  • Not affected by the Muzzled status
Enemies within 1 tile range

Spin Slash (Japanese: かいてんぎり Rotation Cut) is a ???-type move introduced in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team that inflicts damage in all eight directions.

This move is contained in a TM. This TM is not obtainable in-game, thus this move is only obtainable with use of cheating devices. No Pokémon can learn this move, so the TM is useless. Additionally, the machine was not included in the game code for Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky. The move still remains functional, but its name (except in Japanese) and description are dummied out as "$$$".

This move is likely to have been replaced by the HM Cut, which has the same range and effect as Spin Slash in these games.


In all non-Japanese versions of Red and Blue Rescue Team, the move's description is "NULL", while the TM's description is partially translated in French and German, left blank in Italian, and fully translated in Spanish.

Games Description
MDRB まわりの てきポケモンに ダメージをあたえる*
It inflicts damage on all foes surrounding the user.*

In other languages

In French, German, Italian, and Spanish translations of Red and Blue Rescue Team, the move's name is left blank and the TM's name is "NULL". In the TM's description, its name is left untranslated in French and German, while it is translated in Spanish as Salpicón, a Spanish and Latin American dish.

Language Title
  Korean 회전베기 Hoejeonbegi
  Spanish Salpicón

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