Special Spin Pucks (Battrio)

Special Spin Pucks
Battrio Special Spin Puck logo.png
Number of pucks 110
Expansion number N/A
Release period July 2011 – June 1, 2012
Special Pucks

The Special Spin Pucks (Japanese: スペシャルスピンパック) are a collection of Pokémon Battrio pucks released over the course of the Battrio V series. Similarly to the Special Pucks, these pucks could not be obtained through normal gameplay. Pucks numbered 'P' were usually distributed at events or with merchandise as promotional items, while those numbered 'G' were available only as top-ranking prizes in Pokémon Battrio tournaments. Several other puck numbering conventions were introduced for self-contained promotional merchandise, such as 'PSB'.

Puck list

Puck No. Name Type Rarity
P Emboar    
P-B1 Victini    
P-B2 Pikachu    
P-B3 Axew    
P-W1 Victini    
P-W2 Pikachu    
P-W3 Axew    
PB Golurk    
PW Golurk    
P Oshawott    
P Samurott    
P Serperior    
P Axew    
P Pikachu    
P Pansage    
P Pansear    
P Panpour    
PSB-1 Zekrom    
PSB-2 Snivy    
PSB-3 Tepig    
PSB-4 Oshawott    
PSB-5 Treecko    
PSB-6 Torchic    
PSB-7 Mudkip    
PSB-8 Turtwig    
PSB-9 Chimchar    
PSB-10 Piplup    
PSW-1 Reshiram    
PSW-2 Snivy    
PSW-3 Tepig    
PSW-4 Oshawott    
PSW-5 Bulbasaur    
PSW-6 Charmander    
PSW-7 Squirtle    
PSW-8 Chikorita    
PSW-9 Cyndaquil    
PSW-10 Totodile    
P Victini    
P Pikachu    
P Snivy    
P Victini    
P Tepig    
P Oshawott    
P Gigalith    
P Emolga    
P Kyurem    
P Volcarona    
P Hydreigon    
G Reshiram    
G Samurott    
G Tepig    
P Cofagrigus    
P Zekrom    
P Reshiram    
P Thundurus    
P Tornadus    
P Serperior    
P Emboar    
P Samurott    
P Pansage    
P Pansear    
P Panpour    
P Pikachu    
P Meowth    
P Tornadus    
P Thundurus    
P Landorus    
P Braviary    
P Tornadus    
P Zoroark    
P Darmanitan    
PSV-1 Pikachu    
PSV-2 Victini    
PSV-3 Articuno    
PSV-4 Zapdos    
PSV-5 Moltres    
PSV-6 Raikou    
PSV-7 Entei    
PSV-8 Suicune    
PSV-9 Regirock    
PSV-10 Regice    
PSV-11 Registeel    
PSV-12 Uxie    
PSV-13 Mesprit    
PSV-14 Azelf    
PSV-15 Latias    
PSV-16 Latios    
PSV-17 Cresselia    
PSV-18 Shaymin    
PSV-19 Phione    
PSV-20 Giratina    
P Landorus    
G Zekrom    
G Emboar    
G Snivy    
P Cobalion    
P Thundurus    
P Bisharp    
P Terrakion    
P Terrakion    
P Virizion    
P Virizion    
P Cobalion    
P Cobalion    
G Kyurem    
G Serperior    
G Oshawott    
P Snivy  
P Oshawott  
P Tepig  

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