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Firered/Leafgreen Suicune (Minor) Glitch: new section
:Mixed errors usually generated when the game mixes three or more errors, and instead of using standard error codes, the game looks in the other character folders and may use letters or other symbols for the error code. This may crash or freeze the game.
Folders? There are no folders. Perhaps they meant to say the game displays gibberish in place of an error message, or doesn't correctly load the text graphics first? I've never seen such a case. [[User:HyperHacker|HyperHacker]] 03:33, 16 December 2009 (UTC)
== Firered/Leafgreen Suicune (Minor) Glitch ==
Evidently all Suicune from said games have extremely low (though legal) iv stats. I noticed that they were all at zero or single digit values after catching it a number of times. And yes, I did make sure that I was catching it without a previous encounter (in which presumably the IV's would have been fixed). A google search indicates that this is a known glitch. Is this significant enough for inclusion?