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'''Future generations of Pokémon''' are an expected part of the franchise. Despite 493 Pokémon currently in existence (and the current final known Pokémon being depicted as the godlike creator of the Pokémon universe), it has been indicated that not every Pokémon has been discovered and not every region explored. New regions and new creatures will no doubt herald the beginning of new generations of Pokémon games.
While no official statement had been released from [[The Pokémon Company]] regarding the existence of any future generations, anime director [[Masamitsu Hidaka]] has previously [ said in an interview] that there will be a Generation V and many more to come. Generation V itself may currently be on the horizon. On Janurary 295th, 2010, GameFreak and [[Junichi Masuda]] [[ released statements]] that a new Pokémon RPG is in development for the end of 2010 for the [[Nintendo DS]], and it will feature a new [[Region]] and new Pokémon, and are intended to be the successors to [[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl]]. More information is forthcoming.
==Fan speculation==