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James' hints
* ''[[DP123|Old Rivals, New Tricks]]''
: Up until this episode, James has never liked Jessie using his Pokémon in Contests, mostly due to her mistreatment of {{TP|James|Chimecho}}. He now has no problem with it (most likely due to the fact Jessie has treated all his Pokemon very well since, and she is doing well in them) and even told {{TP|James|Mime Jr.}} that's he counting on it and Jessie's third ribbon depends on it.
* ''[[DP146|Dressed for Jess Success!]]''
: When a sick Jessie overexerts herself and begins to faint, James catches her, helps her stand up, and supports her weight as he walks her back to bed, all the while having a comforting smile on his face. When Meowth says Jessie should rest, James agrees, saying with a caring tone of voice that "That would be best." Later, James disguises himself as Jessalina and enters his first contest in her place. He ends up winning the ribbon, and when Jessie sees the ribbon she hugs only James.