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'''Pikawitchu''' started playing Pokémon in 2004, and has been playing ever since. He almost started emediately being part of project Pokémon.
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|== Hola Everybody ==
==This Everyoneis Shouldjust Lovea ==list of thing that have to do with me.
[[Image:006Charizard.png|frame|left|I love Dragons]]
[[Image:429Mismagius.png|frame|right|The best Ghost]]
[[Image:243Raikou.png|frame|left|As you can tell I'm having a hard time deciding if Pichu's a cuter electric]]
[[Image:Pichu_Melee.jpg|frame|right|Pichu? Raikou? Pichu? Raikou?]]
[[Image:434Stunky.png|frame|right|Look at those chubby cheeks!!!]]
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