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Terracotta Town

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|episode=Once More with Reeling!}}'''Terracotta Town''' (Japanese: '''トネリコタウン''' ''{{tt|Toneriko|Japanese Ash}} Town'') is a large, anime-exclusive town in [[Kanto]]. It is visited by {{Ash}}, [[Brock]], {{an|May}} and [[Max]] in ''[[AG191|Once More with Reeling!]]''. It is possible the town is located near [[Pewter City]] and [[Pallet Town]].
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May and Ash both enter the contest, at a [[Contest Hall]] located within a rustic section of the seaside town. The two get to battle each other by both making it through to the Battle Round which ends in a draw, earning them both the Terracotta Medal. It is also the place where [[May's Combusken]] evolves into a [[Blaziken]]. The town also has its own harbor, with ships regularly docking to and from distant regions as far as [[Hoenn]]. May and Max depart from Kanto on one of these ships, both making their final non-cameo appearances in the anime.
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