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'''PokéGods''' is a term used to refer to a certain group of [[fake Pokémon]]. The term was in popular use among fans in the late 1990's and into the new millennium, as the {{2v2|Gold|Silver}} versions were in development. The concept was very much discussed and disputed over on various forum websites at the time, and many hacked videos and edited screenshots were passed off as real to try to "prove" the case.
Most PokéGods were supposedsaid [[legendaryto Pokémon]]be near-invincible, andwhile usuallya saidfew towere beonly near-invincibleconsidered hidden, "bonus" Pokémon. Codes and cheats to obtain these Pokémon were widely distributed, but they were all fake, as the PokéGods themselves do not exist. The cheats usually trickinvolved gullibledoing {{player}}sodd intotasks wipingthat outcould theirtake savedhours gameat or attempt to do odda time-wasting cheats, whichsuch often involvedas beating the [[Pokémon League]] a predetermined number of times, usually with set Pokémon, or catching [[Missingno.]] and/or [['M]].