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Crystal Onix

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Besides being made of crystal, the Crystal Onix is unique from other Onix in that it can live in water without being hurt by it. Its glass skin also gives it a special resistance to {{type2|Water}} attacks. Mateo realized that he would have to use a different type of attack to weaken it.
That's when he used his {{p|Charmeleon}} and attacked it with {{m|Fire Spin}}. It seemed to have a weakness to {{type2|Fire}} attacks, much like its {{p|Steelix|evolution}} (which had not been revealed at that time). Mateo was just about to capture it when he realized that he didn't need to. Just battling it gave him the inspiration he needed to create glass Pokémon sculptures. He thanked the Crystal Onix as it submerged itself into the water once more.
==Moves used==