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'''Xatu the Future''' (Japanese: '''ネイティオのだいよげん!''' ''{{tt|Natio's|Xatu}}'s}} Big Prediction!'') is the 234th episode of the [[Pokémon anime]]. It was first broadcast in Japan on January 31, 2002 and in the United States on February 8, 2003.
== Synopsis ==
The episode starts off with {{Ash}} and {{ashfr|company}} walking along a path towards [[Mahogany]] as usual. Just ahead of the road, [[Team Rocket]] is finished with creating yet another hole for the gang to fall into. They cover it up fast as soon as Ash is in sight and hide down in some brush that's nearby. Just as the gang walks up, Ash recalls all those times that an ordinary road turns out to be a pitfall trap. Ash jumps about, nothing happens, then tries again. Team Rocket watches and then jumps out, wondering why the pitfall's not working. [[James]] jumps on the ground a few times then all of a sudden, the whole ground caves in and they fall. Just at the bottom, {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} pops out and causes them to fall some more, right through a ceiling of a tunnel! They all complain here and there before seeing a woman run by. They wonder what's with her before the woman wonders what's with them. She says she has no time to talk now and has to hurry somewhere. The gang had started to go with the woman towards whatever she is going to.
In the next room of the unknown place was a colossal wire tower built with rings with giant spheres connecting them. Just about halfway, Ash notices a few {{p|Xatu}} perched up on one of the spheres. Ash scans the Xatu and then tries to call out to it, which nothing happens. [[Misty]] tries the same thing, then Team Rocket who happened to catch up tries as well. Lost the woman says that she's {{Jo|Calista}}, the meteorologist of this place, since the people here are superstitious over what the Xatu says. She calls to one and then she runs upwards towards an exit. Everybody else follows her and are amazed that the other side is a giant stone auditorium with a group of people sitting on the bleachers. The Xatu fly up towards a guardrail and Calista grabs out two fans, everybody else does the same. She shouts towards the people, doing different patterns with the fans. Soon the Xatu do similar patterns with their wings and that was it. Calista said there should be rain tomorrow, but otherwise the rest of the day is going to be fine. ==Blurb==
<i>Ash and friends meet a Xatu, a Pokémon said to have the ability to see into the future, and the young girl whose job it is to watch over an entire flock of the same and interpret their strange predictions. They meet her at a difficult time in her career, as the locals are just beginning to doubt the accuracy of these Pokémon's predictions, which have guided their community for centuries. The girl herself even finds her own faith waning, but when the Xatu forecast a cataclysm that would endanger all in the village, she must decide whether to trust in her Pokémon or to let age-old traditions fall by the wayside.</i>
Just one thing happens to occur, clouds start to gather around and it starts to rain. Funny... usually the Xatu are right all the time. Calista wonders what's wrong and decides to hold off this little gathering for a while as she runs back in. Everyone else does so and more Xatu join with them. However Team Rocket were ditched on this and everybody won't let them go. So Jessie plays them all a round of Rock-Paper-Scissors (Japanese style) and wins both that and the look-away part, with that they run off. On the bottom of the bunker is a station. Calista and everyone else goes in and watches as Calista sends out a radar to check out what's going on in the area. She explains that this is "Netio-sama", otherwise the last resort of the weather predictions. Even the radar can't scope out this odd storm. ==Plot==
{{TRT}} finishes their latest pitfall trap just in time for {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} to fall into it. The group realize that it has been very peaceful lately, so Ash decides to test the group by jumping on it. Team Rocket are shocked as their trap isn't being activated, so they emerge from their shrubs. [[Jessie]] demands that the [[twerps]] fall into the hole already. [[James]] jumps on the ground a few times, finally causing the whole ground to cave in and they all fall. At the bottom, {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} pops out and causes them to fall again, right through a ceiling of a tunnel. Jessie quickly [[recall]]s her nuisance Pokémon to his {{i|Poké Ball}}.
JustA afterwoman arushes whileby, [[Teambut Rocket]]with continuesno theirtime decentto downwardsspeak untilshe Wobbuffettells againeveryone messesto simply follow her. The group arrives at a colossal tower built with rings, with giant spheres connecting them. upAsh andnotices theya crashfew into{{p|Xatu}} perched on one of the station.spheres Theyand wonderscans what'sthem with allhis [[Pokédex]]. The woman informs them that the technologyXatu andcan stufftell the future. Jessie and {{an|Misty}} are intrigued, but their pleas for a fortune go unanswered. The woman introduces herself as {{OBP|Calista|EP234}}, and she explains that it'sthe Xatu are often in a trance state because they are watching the radarfuture systemand past at the same time. ThenShe Jessiethen triescalls out to butta inXatu sayingas she runs upwards towards an exit. Everybody else follows her and are amazed that shethe wasother onceside is a meteorologistgiant forstone aauditorium newswith program.a Onegroup of people sitting on the bleachers. The Xatu getsperch allthemselves nervouson atthe thissurrounding bragbalustrade. ThenCalista [[Jessie]]holds goestwo onfans andin onthe untilair and orders the Xatuaudience faintsto fromfollow thisher movements. ThenSoon, the Xatu saysdo similar patterns with their wings. Jessie orders {{MTR}} to translate, but he reveals that he'll figurecan somethingonly outspeak ofhuman thisand Pokémon. SoCalista everybodysuddenly runsconcludes backthe will be mostly sunny.
Once back upSuddenly, all the {{p|Xatu}} lineclouds upgather and Calistait doesstarts ato fewrain. moreConfused, patternsCalista withfears the fans."day" Allhas thefinally Xatuarrived. repeatShe anddecides theyto gohold fasteroff withthe eachgathering pattern.and Soonruns sheback getsinto the idea,tower. aHer disasterstwo comingXatu thisand way!Ash's Shegroup tellsfollow everyoneher, toand evacuateshortly theafter area,Xatu andTwo everyonejoins doesthem. soMeanwhile, butJessie theyattempts leaveto aentertain somethingthe valuablecrowd behind.with Asa everyonegame waitsof aroundpaper, {{p|Delibird}}scissors, comesrock, bybut andthis dropsonly inconfuses onthe audience. Team Rocket, givingsoon themtrail abehind. reminderAt ofa whatweather theystation haveunder tothe dotower, toeveryone staywatches as members.Calista Sosends theyout sneaka overXatu-painted andradar tryto check the weather patterns, but to swipeno oneavail. ofMeanwhile, theTeam valuableRocket itemscontinues butdownward Ashuntil catchesWobbuffet causes them beforeto theyroll couldinto dothe anythingstation. ThenXatu TeamThree Rocketmakes stopsome playingwing goodmovements and startsCalista toreveals takethat ona theirhuman realwith role. Jessie first tellsthe Delibirdability to throwpredict athe coupleweather ofwill presentsappear attoday. them,James whichand Delibirdthe throwsgroup threelook toat each Xatuother, allbut healingare themnone the wiser. WithCalista that,is [[James]]certain sendsof outher {{TP|James|Weezing}}interpretation tobecause useshe {{m|SmokeScreen}}is whilea Delibirdthirteenth-generation dropsXatu inprophetess, aand fewshe moreadmits presents.that JustXatu whenThree itis seemsgetting thaton allin isage. takenJessie carethen of,reveals Weezingthat dropsshe thewas screenonce anda theymeteorologist arefor surpriseda tonews seeprogram, thatbut thewas Xatulet arego stillbecause there.of Justher beforeinaccurate theyforecasts. canXatu doThree anythingbegins elsesweating, Delibirdand dropsJessie aurges present nextit to themstop andlooking theninto ditchesher thempast, beforeand it sendseventually Teamdoes Rocketwhen offit into the skyfaints.
TheDetermined Xatuto dosolve onethe finalstrange patternweather andpatterns, Calista saysorders they'llJessie teleport awayto nowhelp beforeinterpret the disasterdata, comesbut by.Jessie Firstis theunable Xatuto teleportsoffer thenany the gang and Calista teleport out as wellinsight. Just inSuddenly the nicktrio of time,Xatu aspring giantto tidaltheir wavefeet comesand throughbegin amoving valleytheir wherewings. theCalista placeis restshorrified and coversreveals that the area.long-awaiting Though"day" it'sof probablya notgreat muchflood left,will maybearrive Calistatomorrow. canShe nowreveals pursuitthat hershe realand goal,the meteorologistXatu's forservices awill newscome Lateran Teamend Rocketas arewell. atAsh the ruins ofand the wouldothers be weather station lookingplea for anycalm. of thoseCalista valuablesfears that thetoday's peoplewrongful left.prediction Delibirdwill comesjeopardize bythe andtrust saysthe it'speople ahave no-no,for andthe decides to fly off without themXatu. AndEven itso, looksshe likehas Calistafaith reallyin didher getXatu's herfortune-telling goalskills.
==She Majortakes eventsto ==the stage and warns her followers of the great danger. The people rush to the stage and offer their many valuables as tokens of gratitude before fleeing to reach safety. As everyone waits, {{TR|Delibird}} arrives and delivers Team Rocket their overdue bill. As a result, the trio sneaks over and tries to swipe one of the valuable items, but Ash catches them before they could do anything. Team Rocket threatens Delibird, which prompts it to assist them. Delibird showers everyone with explosive {{m|Present}}s. James then sends out {{TP|James|Weezing}} to use {{m|Smokescreen}} while Delibird drops in a few more presents. Weezing then cuts the Smokescreen. Team Rocket are surprised to see that the Xatu are still there, but Calista explains that the Xatu were able to predict where to move to avoid being damaged. Delibird offers up another round of Presents, but this time they heal the Xatu completely. Just before Team Rocket can do anything else, Delibird drops a Present next to them and then leaves before it sends Team Rocket off into the sky.
=== Debuts ===
The Xatu do another wing pattern, and Calista then reveals that the flood will still come, today that is. Calista watches as the Xatu continue to move their wings. She translates that Ash and his friends will be fine if they leave soon. The Xatu then describe fate, and declares that their predictions should only be used as a guidance and not as a predetermined version of the future. Calista accepts Xatu's message in full. With that said, the Xatu {{m|Teleport}} themselves, Calista and Ash's group away before the flood hits. The giant surge soon arrives and floods the auditorium. Above the disaster zone, Calista then decides to move to a city and to pursue her real goal, to become a meteorologist for a news program. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is at the mud-entrenched ruins of the would-be weather station, still searching for any abandoned valuables. Delibird soon flies off, but Team Rocket know full well that it will be back to collect its dues so they flee into the distance.
==Major events==
====Pokémon debuts====
* {{p|Xatu}}
== Characters ==
=== Humans ===
[[File:PMTV EP234.png|thumb|200px|{{tt|Pocket Monster TV|Who's That Pokémon}}]]
* {{Ash}}
* [[{{an|Misty]]}}
* [[{{an|Brock]]}}
* [[Jessie]]
* [[James]]
* {{JoOBP|Calista|EP234}}
* Crowd
=== Pokémon ===
[[File:WTP EP234.png|thumb|200px|Who's That Pokémon?]]: {{p|Ledian}}
[[Who's That Pokémon?]]: {{p|Ledian}} ''(US and international)'', {{p|Xatu}} ''(Japan)''
* {{p|Pikachu}} ({{OP|Ash|Pikachu}})
* {{p|Meowth}} ({{TRM}})
* {{p|Wobbuffet}} ({{OP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}})
* {{p|Weezing}} ({{OP|James|Weezing}})
* {{p|Delibird}} ([[{{OBP|Delibird (|Team Rocket)|Team Rocket]]}})
* {{p|Xatu}} ({{OBP|Calista|EP234}}'s; multiple; released; debut)
{{right clear}}
== Trivia ==
* This episode was initially going to be called '''Future Shock.'''. Some cable providers erroneously refer to the episode as this working title.
* This episode's dub title is a pun on the ''{{wp|Back to the Future}} (franchise)|''Back filmto seriesthe Future'' franchise}}.
* In this episode, Team Rocket{{TRT}} uses a [[Team Rocket's mottos#Xatu the Future motto|variation]] of their {{motto}}.
* The way {{OBP|Calista|EP234}} and the {{p|Xatu}} communicate is similar to that of {{wp|flag semaphore}}.
===* ErrorsMusic ===from ''[[PK01|Pikachu's Vacation]]'', ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'', and ''[[M02|The Power of One]]'' can be heard in this episode.
=== Dub edits ===
* When the dark clouds first appear, Calista tells the crowd to stay even though it is pouring. However, the rain is only a slight drizzle at that point.
* {{MTR}} calls the pit used to trap {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} "indivisible" instead of "invisible".
* Once again in the {{pmin|Brazil}}ian dub, Delibird is mistakenly called "Thunderbird".
===Dub edits===
==In other languages==
* French: '''{{ttEpilang|Une terrible prophétiecolor=DDDDDD|A terrible prophecy}}'''bordercolor=FFCB49
* German. '''|bg={{tt|DieПророкът Xatu und die ZukunftКсату|TheProphet Xatu and the future}}'''
* Hebrew: '''לחזות את העתיד''' ''|zh_cmn={{tt|lakhzot et he天然鳥的大預言|Xatu'atid|predictings theBig futurePrediction}}''
* Italian: '''|de={{tt|VedoDie eXatu prevedound die Zukunft|ToThe seeXatu and foreseethe future}}'''
* Portuguese (Brazilian): '''|nl={{tt|Xatu, oen Videntede Toekomst|Xatu, and the SeerFuture}}'''
*|fr_eu={{tt|Une Spanish:terrible prophétie|A terrible prophecy}}
**|he=לחזות Iberianאת Spanish:העתיד '''{{tt|Xatu,lakhzot elet futurohe'atid|Xatu,Predicting the future}}'''
** Latin American Spanish: '''|it={{tt|¡XatuVedo ye el futuro!prevedo|XatuTo see and the future!foresee}}'''
|pt_br={{tt|Xatu, o Vidente|Xatu, the Seer}}
|pt_eu={{tt|Xatu, Futuro|Xatu, Future}}
|es_la={{tt|¡Xatu y el futuro!|Xatu and the future!}}
|es_eu={{tt|Xatu, el futuro|Xatu, the future}}
|pl={{tt|Xatu, co nas czeka?|Xatu, what lies ahead?}}
|hi=Xatu को दिखा भविष्य {{tt|''Xatu ka dikha bhavishya''|Xatu saw the future}} {{tt|*|Hungama dub}}
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