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Pokémon in the Philippines

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All [[Spin-off Pokémon games|spin-off games]] that are released in the United States have been also released in the Philippines. These games are available within weeks after their American releases.
Many pirated copies of [[hack games]], as well as official games, are also sold in the Philippines. Examples of these pirated games include ChaosBlack, Darkcry and Naranja Versions, which feature [[Mewthree]], {{p|Darkrai}} and {{p|Celebi}}, respectively.
Pirated copies of official games come in a variety of ways. One would be in fan translations of the original Japanese game. For example, a copy of {{game|Gold and Silver|s}} once sold only allowed Pokémon to have a maximum of five letters in their names (i.e. A Typhlosion is named ''Typhl''.) due to certain limitations. The names of locations and people are also translated from Japanese, such as [[Azalea Town]] being called ''Hiwada Town'' and [[Jasmine]] being called ''Mikan''. Pirated games may also just be the games placed in different cartridges and sold at a different price. These cartridges would just be black, not the color the official games' cartridges come in. These types of pirated games were prevalent for the [[Game Boy]], [[Game Boy Color]] and [[Game Boy Advance]] games. [[Nintendo DS]] games are usually sold legitimately.