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The '''Pokémon News Press''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンしんぶんしゃ''' ''Pokémon Newspaper Company'') is a small building located in [[Solaceon Town]]. It is run by two people, who create and print the [[Sinnoh]] region's newspaper. The Pokémon News Press is tiny, containing only a TV and a desk, with a writing pad and a computer, but the newspaper has many fans. One of the men asks the player each day to show him a different Pokémon the player has already seen, awarding Poké Balls if the request is granted. In {{v2|Platinum}}, he will also award a [[Heart Scale]] for showing a Pokémon.
==Featured articles==
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There are featured top story of the newspaper on the computer called the "Weekly Poké Ball Roundup". They are featured articles on new types of Poké Balls:
This is the only way to obtain Dive Balls in Diamond and Pearl without using [[Pal Park]].
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