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Yellow isn't considered "just a fan-service game" anywhere. It's an official part of the main series, and if it was just fan-service, then why are Red's teams in Generations II and IV based on Yellow?
*Because the script for Pokémon Blue, rather than that of Red and Green, was used for the translation of the Japanese trio into {{game|Red and Blue|s}}, an old man who trades the player an {{p|Electrode}} on [[Cinnabar Island]] claims that the {{p|Raichu}} he received "went and evolved". As Raichu does not have an evolved form, this makes no sense whatsoever. In the context of Pokémon Blue, however, it makes sense, as the player trades away a {{p|Kadabra}}, which evolves through trade, for a {{p|Graveler}} in this game.
*Although {{game|Yellow}} is considered the "[[Version|third version]]" of [[Generation I]] in North America, in Japan, Blue is considered the third version and Yellow is just regarded as a fan-service game. This is mostly due to the fact that {{v2|Green}} was never released worldwide, meaning that in other countries there are only three versions of Generation I.
* Pokémon Blue, as well as [[Pokémon Red and Green|its older, paired counterparts]], are the only Generation I games that don't give a waiting message when the saving process is in course.
** Unlike Red and Green, however, it doesn't inform the player that the saving process will overwrite the previous save file, likely due to the oddness in which it was performed.