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A Small Thing (single)

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date=July 9, 2003 |
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'''A Small Thing''' (Japanese: '''さきもの''' ''Chiisaki Mono'') is a CD single that was released in Japan on July 9, 2003, featuring 3 songs. It includes a promo clip for ''[[A Small Thing]]'', the theme song of ''[[Jirachi: Wish Maker]]''
# '''[[A Small Thing]] (Single Mix)''' (小さきもの (Single Mix) ''Chiisaki Mono (Single Mix)'') - [[Asuca Hayashi]]
# (燕になりたい ''Tsubame ni Naritai'') - Asuca Hayashi
# (我願做一只小燕 ''Xin Wo Yuan Zuo Xiao Yan'') - Asuca Hayashi
# '''A Small Thing (Instrumental)''' (小さきもの (Instrumental) ''Chiisaki Mono (Instrumental)'')