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Silver (game)

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In the games
Silver first appears in the [[Generation II]] games, lurking outside of [[Professor Elm]]'s lab. During the player's journey to [[Mr. Pokémon]]'s house, Silver makes his move, stealing one of Elm's two remaining [[starter Pokémon]] (coincidentally always the one that is strong against the player's choice). He will meet with the player on the outskirts of [[Cherrygrove City]], battling to get through.
Silver shows a strong dislike of Team Rocket. He considers them to be weak, and vows to take them, as well as any other weak Trainer, down. He steals a {{p|Sneasel}} from a Trainer in [[Cianwood City]] and, while {{ga|Gold}}/{{ga|Kris}}/{{ga|Kotone}} attempts to take down Team Rocket in [[Mahogany Town]] and [[Goldenrod City]], interferes to prove himself. It is in the Mahogany hideout that he meets with [[Lance]], [[Champion]] of the [[Elite Four]] at the [[Indigo Plateau]]. Silver challenges Lance and is easily defeated by the dragon trainer, who then proceeds to berate Silver for his callous attitudeways intowards raisingtraining Pokemon. Though Silver is outraged for losing to someone with such an attitude, the loss and Lance's words ultimately set him on the path to becoming a better person.
By the time the player reaches the Indigo Plateau, Silver battles against the player not out of malice, but to prove that he is a good Trainer. He uses a {{p|Crobat}} during this battle, illustrating that he finally considers his Pokémon to be partners and friends rather than tools, as a Crobat can only be obtained if it loves its trainer. This is further expressed in Generation IV when his [[starter Pokémon]] starts to [[Walking Pokémon|follow him around]], much like the player's Pokémon; Professor Elm even expressly states that Silver's Pokémon have come to trust him when Silver returns to the lab, presumably to return the starter he stole.