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Pokémon Blue Version (Japanese)

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Much as would become standard for third versions, players, like in the earlier Red and Green, started in [[Pallet Town|Masara Town]] in the [[Kanto|Kanto region]], receiving a [[starter Pokémon]] from [[Professor Oak|Dr. Okido]]. As before, the choices are {{p|Bulbasaur|Fushigidane}}, {{p|Charmander|Hitokage}}, and {{p|Squirtle|Zenigame}}, and the {{ga|Blue|rival}} chooses the starter that weakens the player's choice.
Like before, the eight [[Gym Leaders]] of Kanto are [[Brock|Takeshi]], [[Misty|Kasumi]], [[Lt. Surge|Matis]], [[Erika]], [[Koga|KyoKyō]], [[Sabrina|Natsume]], [[Blaine|Katsura]], and [[Giovanni|Sakaki]], while the [[Elite Four]] are [[Lorelei|Kanna]], [[Bruno|Siba]], [[Agatha|Kikuko]], and [[Lance|Wataru]], with the rival still in the [[Champion]]'s place.
Again, the evil [[Team Rocket|Rocket Gang]] is causing chaos across the region, and it is up to the player to defeat them.
Much as in Red and Green, there are eight Pokémon Gyms in Kanto, each with their own type affiliation. The Gym Leaders are [[Brock|Takeshi]] ({{t|Rock}}), [[Misty|Kasumi]] ({{t|Water}}), [[Lt. Surge|Matis]] ({{t|Electric}}), [[Erika]] ({{t|Grass}}), [[Koga|KyoKyō]] ({{t|Poison}}), [[Sabrina|Natsume]] ({{t|Psychic}}), [[Blaine|Katsura]] ({{t|Fire}}) and [[Giovanni|Sakaki]] ({{t|Ground}}).
===Elite Four===
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