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[[File:Nayuta.png|thumb|220px|Nayuta holding [[Ash's Pikachu]].]]
'''Nathaniel''' (Japanese: '''ナユタ''' ''Nayuta'') is the [[character of the day]] in ''[[DP138|MotherStrategy ofBegins AllAt BattlersHome!]]''. He is voiced by ''[[Chinami Nishimura]]'' in Japanese.
NayutaNathaniel is a small boy who lives in [[Twinleaf Town]]. He dreams of becoming a [[Pokémon Trainer]] when he gets older. {{Ash}} met him when he saw him observing some wild Pokémon. NayutaNathaniel reminded Ash of himself when he was younger.
NayutaNathaniel's favorite type of Pokémon isare {{p|Heracross}}Bug Types and hopes to catch onemany of them once he's a Trainer. Ash mentions to him that he caught his own {{AP|Heracross}}.