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Altering Cave

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* All of the exclusive Pokémon can be found in the extended area of the [[Hoenn Safari Zone|Safari Zone]] in {{v2|Emerald}}, except for {{p|Smeargle}}, which is found in {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation III)|Artisan Cave}} at the {{Gdis|Battle Frontier|III}}. In addition, they are all available in [[Pokémon Colosseum]] as [[Shadow Pokémon]], and were available via this method even prior to {{2v2|FireRed|LeafGreen}}'s release.
* While the Altering Cave's inclusion in FireRed and LeafGreen made sense due to the Mystery Gift-exclusive Pokémon being missing from those games, it is unknown why it was carried over to {{game|Emerald}}, where those Pokémon were normally obtainable elsewhere.
* The music for Altering Cave in Emerald is the same one from FireRed and LeafGreen.