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In theory...: new section
Uh, yeah... this is about as notable as my left foot. --'''[[Special:Contributions/Alpha Totodile|<font color="#00647f">α</font>]][[User:Alpha Totodile|<font color="#B69E00">ワニ</font>]][[User talk:Alpha Totodile|<font color="#93abc3">ノコ</font>]]''' 19:45, 29 June 2009 (UTC)
:More or less, the article '''looks''' like your left foot.--'''[[User:Prmatt11|<span style="color:#FE2E9A">''Mew''</span>]]<span class="explain" title="Prmatt11 or Mew are my ONLY names!">*</span> [[User talk:Prmatt11|a.k.a.]] [[Special:Contributions/Prmatt11|Prmatt11]]''' was here at 21:30, 29 June 2009 (UTC)
== In theory... ==
If a player were to say... not to heal beforehand at all, where would the player end up? For instance, if battling the rival in R/S/E w/o healing and your starter faints, where would you go? [[User:Ht14|<span style="color:#FF1111"><sup>'''''ht'''''</sup></span>]][[User talk:Ht14|<span style="color:#28E228"><small>''14''</small></span>]] 05:44, 30 December 2009 (UTC)