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| style="background: #bbe; color: #336;" | This user is on a hiatusretiring from Bulbapedia. He stillhad likesa Pokémongreat time while it lasted, though. Thanks!
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| style="background: #001111; color: #FFFFFF;"| <center><span style="font-size: 200%"></span> This user wants Grawp to f*** off or he'll burn Grawp in a fire and decapitate him.<br><small>{{p|Gyarados}}, the Atrocious Pokémon, is chosen to represent Grawp as both are Atrocious, raging, and perverted (uhh...Gyarados?)</small><span style="font-size: 100%"></span></center>
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* I don't like it when people put their real name in their game and when people interact with them over Wi-Fi, everybody starts calling them by their real name.
* The Hoenn Battle Frontier has music remixed in one of the Battle Park/Frontier facilities.
* Not really trivia, but something to ponder...How will the Time Capsule work out if people consider HGSS to be a sequel to FRLG? Will the wireless trading function somehow be able to interact with the Wireless Adapter? Think about it.
* 2 of the 3 {{type2|Grass}} moves with no effect have "Whip" in their name.
Super Smash Bros{{tt|.|Shh! The real one is 2450-0011-8276}} Brawl Friend Code: 1234-5678-9ABC. Challenges accepted, but I hate laggy Wi-Fi too.
==Self-Projects&Proposals{{tt|*|Proposals not to be taken seriously and implemented into Bulbapedia laws, mind you (unless requested)}}==
1. Reword and correct sentences<br>2. Hey guys, look [ here]. These guys were really nice to put these things here. Help me update the pages please.<br>3. Examine page HTML in IP problem situations.<br>4. Add "synopses" or "guides" or whatever to location or trainer class pages.
None at the moment
Hera, Hera, Heracross! Big and faulty, it's the bootleg boss! Hera, Hera, Heracross!