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[[Image:Explorers kit.jpg|thumb|right|250px|The Explorer Kit, featured with the bag, helmet and shovel.]]
The '''Explorer Kit''' is used to access [[the Underground]], an area in {{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}} found beneath the entire [[Sinnoh]] region. The Explorer Kit can be used anywhere in the [[Sinnoh|Sinnoh region]], to instantly access the underground, except for inside buildings and other structures, to instantly access the Underground. The player cannot dig through elevated structures such as bridges.
When selected from the [[Bag]] menu, it asks the user to save the game and indicates that DS Wireless Connection will be turned on. It then transports the player from his or her current location into the corresponding spot of the Underground's tunnels. There are six independent sections of the underground labyrinth, each accessible from different places in Sinnoh. In terms of vendors and mining treasures, the areas are equivalent. When participating in multiplayer action in the Underground, players should make sure they are all in the same set of caverns.
'''Hammer''' - The hammer is used to dig through walls to find spheres and treasures. makingIt makes a bigger impact on the wall spacethan the pickaxe, digging up several tilestitles at a time.; Howeverhowever, the hammer makes a bigger impact andthis causes the wall to collapse sooner.
'''Pickaxe''' - The pickaxe is also used to dig through walls. toIt findmakes spheresa andsmaller treasuresimpact makingon smallthe dentswall inthan the wallhammer, causing lessfewer tiles to be dug up. However, the pickaxe makesat a smalltime. impact on the wall andThis causes the wall to stay strong for longer before collapsing. If anyone else is mining nearby, a pickaxe will appear on the player's screen wherever the other player hits on their screen.
'''Map''' - The map is displayed on the top screen and shows all of the Underground as well as spots to dig into the walls. There are six independent sections of the labyrinth, each accessible from different places in Sinnoh. In terms of vendors and mining treasures, the areas are equivalent. When in multiplayer mode, the map also shows the positioning of the other players in the undergroundUnderground.
'''Radar''' - The radar locates all treasure, spheres, and/or traps in the Underground. By touching the touch screen, the radar will appear and locatinglocate all treasure, spheres, and traps near to the player. If a sparkle is revealed on the floor using the radar, it is either a [[trap]] or a sphere.; Atraps difference in whether a sphere or trap is hidden in the sparkle is in the fact that a trap has ahave white sparklesparkles, while a sphere has aspheres goldenhave onegold. If both are hidden in one spot, a trap is found first, then a sphere. If the sparkle is in the wall, it is a [[The Underground#Mining|bulging section]] that can be mined.
The Explorer Kit also comes with containers to carry [[Sphere]]s and [[Decoration|Decorations]] (aka Goods). [[Sphere]]s are the currency of the undergroundUnderground. They can be sold to vendors that appear in the undergroundUnderground. These explorers appear to beare stationary and will only rotate in place. Each of the three types accept spheres, and will trade the player either goods, traps, or treasures.
Goods are generally known as the [[item]]s that can be used in [[the Underground]] to decorate the player's [[Secret Base]], such as dolls, chairs, and tables. Goods can also be purchased in the fourth floor of the [[Veilstone Department Store]]., Goods may also beor obtained from [[Mr. Goods]] after completing certain requirements. The rarity of the goods areis determined by the value of the Sphere being asked for. For example, an Iron Beam is worth a Prism Sphere 9 and a Pink Dresser is worth a Green Sphere 54. This concludes that the Pink Dresser has a much higher rarity than the Iron Beam.