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For {{Pdollar}}500, the player will receive 30 Safari Balls. Akin to previous Safari Zones, there is a large area to cover, but the six areas of the Zone can uniquely be rearranged to suit the player.
When a [[wild Pokémon]] appears, no Pokémon may be sent out to battle it:; catching Pokémon here, as in all Safari Zones, requires sheer luck. There are four options in the battle screen: Throwthrow a Safari Ball, throw bait, run away, and throw mud. Throwing bait makes a Pokémon less likely to run, but makes it harder to catch;, while throwing mud does the reverse, making it easier to catch but more likely to run.
Access to the Safari Zone is not automatic. Before players can traverse Routes {{rtn|47}} and {{rtn|48}} to get to the area, they must heal [[Glitter Lighthouse]]'s sick {{p|Ampharos}}, [[Amphy]]. Only then will Baoba phone the player and announce that the Safari Zone is open for business.
===Default area layouts===
There are ten possible layouts that the areas couldcan be arranged in by default when the [[player]] first reaches the Safari Zone. More areas can be added once [[Baoba]]'s second challenge is assigned to the [[player]].
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===First Challenge===
When the player first visits the Safari Zone, its owner, [[Baoba]], will give the player their first challenge of finding and catching a {{p|Geodude}} inside of the Safari Zone. No matter which of the 10 possible default Safari Zone area set-ups is in use, the Cliff Area thatwhere {{p|Geodude}} can be found in is always the first area that the player enters.
===Second Challenge===
Three game-play hours after completion of the first challenge, [[Baoba]] will call the player and give them their second challenge. The point of this challenge is to get the player to use the Area Customize;, a machine that allows the player to move around and order the different areas of the Safari Zone. Using the Area Customize to add the Desert Area, the player must catch a {{p|Sandshrew}}.
After the player has both received the [[National Pokédex]] from [[Professor Oak]] and completed [[Baoba]]'s second challenge, Baoba will eventually call the player to tell them that he has come up with a new idea for the Safari Zone. After receiving this call, the player will then be able to place any of 6 types of blocks inside of the Safari Zone, up to 30 blocks in one area at a time. Baoba will continue to call the player another three times after this giving the player 6 new blocks each time. There are 24 blocks in total, three of which are favored by Pokémon that live in grasslands, three which are favored by Pokémon that live in forests, three which are favored by Pokémon that live in rocky areas, three which are favored by Pokémon that live by the water and twelve others. Blocks that are favored by certain Pokémon can be used to draw out Pokémon that are not normally found in each area.
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*The number of Pokémon species that can be acquired in this Safari Zone is by far the largest quantity in the main series to date.
**This Safari Zone also features several Pokémon that were previously either only obtainable as eggs or never before available in the wild, most notably {{p|Shelgon}}, {{p|Metang}}, {{p|Breloom}}, {{p|Vigoroth}} and {{p|Riolu}}.
*This Safari Zone is the first to feature the ability to customize the whereaboutsarrangement of the six terrains.