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Can these be considered canon? Hell if I know, I'm just putting them up and other people can judge. \o/
==Vol. 1 旅立ち - Departure==<!--just summaries for now, I'm working on direct quotes though-->
But I'm being a dork and putting this up when I've only read the first twenty pages to far, so there's not much yet. orz
==Vol. 1 旅立ち - Departure==
{{tt|ポケットモンスター The Animation VOL.1 旅立ち|Pocket Monsters The Animation VOL.1 Tabidachi}}<br />
Story by {{tt|首藤剛志|Takeshi Shudo}}<br />
<nowiki>ISBN 978-4-09-440541-5</nowiki> (4-09-440541-0)
*p. 7-11
<blockquote>Satoshi's recurring dream... there is so much crap in these four pages I don't even know where to start. It's taking forever to type it all up, too...</blockquote>
===Chapter 1 旅立ちは、パジャマのままで。 - Setting Off In Pajamas.===
*p. 16-17<!--just a summary for now, I'll insert direct quotes later...-->15
::Compulsory<blockquote>Apparently educationSatoshi ends once children reachspent ten yearsdays of''researching age, as they are then considered adults. As of the April following their tenth birthday, they may continue onposes'' to secondarycome education,up orwith leavehis schooltrademark to"get pursuedaze!" other interests, be it Pokemon training, starting the career of their choice, or even getting marriedpose.<!-- ...and that's as far as I've read! :BB --/blockquote>
*p. 16-17
<blockquote>Compulsory education ends once children reach ten years of age, as they are then considered adults. As of the April following their tenth birthday, they may continue on to secondary education, or leave school to pursue other interests, be it Pokemon training, starting the career of their choice, or even getting married.</blockquote>
*p. 17
<blockquote>{{tt|Masara Town|Pallet Town - I am going with Japanese names for a reason}} being a small rural town, there aren't many jobs, so children, upon coming of age, generally become Pokemon Trainers. There aren't many notable trainers from Masara, though - in the monthly "Top 10,000 Trainers" charts in magazines, trainers from Masara linger around the bottom.</blockquote>
*p. 18
<blockquote>Over a hundred years ago, there was one notable trainer from the town - Ookido Masara, who made it to the 931st spot in the charts, the best placing from their town ever. He was honored as a hero, and the town was renamed "Masara Town," having been called "{{tt|Masshiro|pure white}} Town" previously.<br />
The Ookido family is now famous in Masara Town; Professor Ookido Yukinari is Ookido Masara's great-great-grandson. Yukinari also has two older brothers, the oldest of whom is the mayor of Masara Town; the middle brother was (past tense??) the town's postmaster.</blockquote>
*p. 20-30
<blockquote>BASICALLY, Satoshi's father and grandfather are both Pokemon trainers. His father left home right after Satoshi was born, and never returned; Hanako's father was the same, leaving home when she was young and never returning. Neither Satoshi's father nor his grandfather ever appeared in the monthly charts, so it can be assumed that they never participated in any league-ordained events. But neither of them were even entered into the national registry of Pokemon trainer's names... so nobody knows where the hell they are or what the hell they're doing.<br />
btw Hanako is 29 years old. Oh yeah and she runs the only restaurant in town. what.</blockquote>
*p. 37
<blockquote>On the day Satoshi leaves on his Pokemon journey, he is exactly ten years, ten months, and ten days old.</blockquote>
*p. 37-43
<blockquote>In the ten years since Satoshi's father left, Hanako has been proposed to like a hundred times, but she always turns them down. She never divorced Satoshi's father, but she doesn't love him anymore. Or something. Honestly I'm not even looking at the book right now but all of this was definitely in there somewhere.</blockquote>
<!-- I've also read chapter two but I don't feel like going over that right now. -->
===Chapter 2 しびれる出会いはピカチュウと - A Shocking Meeting with Pikachu===
===Chapter 3 旅立ちの日はオニスズメ - Spearow on Departure Day===
<nowiki>ISBN 978-4-09-440542-2</nowiki> (4-09-440542-9)
===Chapter 1 ニビシティのイワーク - Onix of PewterNibi City===
===Chapter 2 ゲット・グレーバッジ - Get the Boulder Badge===
===Chapter 3 ハナダシティの四姉妹 - The Four Sisters of CeruleanHanada City===
===Chapter 4 クチバジムの対決 - Showdown at VermilionKuchiba Gym===
===付録 - Appendix===