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Ash's Gible

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* Gible is the very first {{type2|Dragon}} Pokémon that Ash (or any main character) has owned. It is also Ash's first Pokémon that can evolve into a [[pseudo-legendary]] Pokémon (if his unofficial {{AP|Larvitar}} isn't counted).
* Gible is the third Pokémon to eat a [[Poké Ball]]. The first two were [[Nero]] and [[May's Munchlax]].
* Gible is not very good at using {{m|Draco Meteor}}; the move often fails and humourously hits [[Dawn's Piplup]].
* Gible is the second Pokémon of Ash's to destroy [[Barry|a friend]]'s [[Bicycle|bike]]. The first was {{AP|his Pikachu|Pikachu}}, which destroyed [[Misty]]'s, {{an|May}}'s, ''and'' {{an|Dawn}}'s bikes, but unlike Pikachu, who fried the bikes by accident, Gible ate Barry's bike on purpose.
* Gible is the third <!--or 32nd, if one counts all 30 of Ash's Tauros--> of Ash's Pokémon to have its gender confirmed before being obtained by Ash, due to the notch on its fin. The first two were {{AP|Tauros}} (due to male being the only possible gender for Tauros) and {{AP|Buizel}}.