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(Do something about "The last Pokémon that Ash has captured in every region are a part of one-evolution families, namely Phanpy in Johto, Snorunt in Hoenn, Aipom in Kanto and Gligar in Sinnoh. ")
* In both the [[Timeline of events in the anime#Kanto|Kanto]] and [[Timeline of events in the anime#Johto|Johto]] story arcs, Ash managed to capture all three of the starter Pokémon for both regions. This trend was broken in the {{series|Advanced Generation}}, where he only captured {{AP|Treecko|Sceptile}}, while the other two were {{OP|May|Blaziken}} and {{OP|Brock|Marshtomp}}.
** However, he always owns the starter Pokémon not owned by another of {{ashfr|his friends}}.
* The last Pokémon that Ash has captured in every [[region]] are a part of [[:category:Pokémon that are part of a two-stage evolutionary line|one-evolution families]], namely {{AP|Phanpy|Donphan}} in [[Johto]], {{AP|Snorunt|Glalie}} in [[Hoenn]], and {{TP|Dawn|Aipom|Ambipom}} in [[Kanto]] and {{AP|Gligar|Gliscor}} in [[Sinnoh]].
**Of these four, Aipom is the only one not to evolve under Ash's care.
**However this does not hold true Sinnoh as Gible is part of a three-stage evolutionary line.
* He always catches a local bird-like Pokémon of the region - {{AP|Pidgeotto|Pidgeot}} in Kanto, {{AP|Noctowl}} in Johto, {{AP|Taillow|Swellow}} in Hoenn, and {{AP|Starly|Staraptor}} in Sinnoh.
** Though not all of these Pokémon were captured in their first form, they all evolved into their final forms under Ash's care; the exception being Noctowl, who cannot evolve.