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Appendix:Mystery Dungeon 2 walkthrough/Chapter 2

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The First Mission: expansion number 3
==The First Mission==
The next morning, you here someone abruptly shouting into your room and telling you to wake up. Your head is pounding because of the voice being so loud. The Pokémon asks you why you are still asleep and tells you to wake up. The Pokémon then tells you to snap out of it and introduces himself as {{p|Loudred}}, wakeswho youris teamalso upan apprentice at the guild. Loudred tells you if you're late for the morning briefing, abruptlyyou shoutingwill intoregret it as Wigglytuff has a big temper. If you make him lose it, it would be a scary scene and tells you and your roompartner that he has goose bumps just thinking about what would happen. Loudred then tells you to wake up because he doesn't want to get in trouble because of you two showing up late. Startled, you and your partner head out to the main room. TheLoudred guildtells assemblesyou that you're late and cheerChatot tells him to be quiet because of his ridiculously loud voice. Once Chatot notices that everyone is there, Chatot calls out Wigglytuff for the morning address. When Wigglytuff comes out, he is actually revealed to be sleeping, while there are Pokémon whispering about how he can sleep with his eyes open. After Chatot thanks him for his "words of wisdom" and tells the guild's mottoto take those words to heart, the guild begins their morning cheers:
Then the guild's members go to work. Chatot calls your team to go with him instead of wandering around. You, your partner, and Chatot go to the Job Board and he tells you and your partner basic information about [[Dungeon|Mysterymystery Dungeonsdungeons]], andhow givesthey appear because of the flow of time becoming messed up. After your teampartner theirdescribes to you how the cave you went in yesterday was a mystery dungeon. After that, you're given your first mission, retrieving a {{p|Spoink}}'s pearl in [[Drenched Bluff]]. Your partner tells Chatot that he/she wants a job more exciting while Chatot tells him that your team needs to pay their dues and tells you what happens if you faint in a dungeon again. You're then told to get on with the job
==[[Drenched Bluff]]==