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*Kingdra is the only Dragon-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II, and is, along with {{p|Misdreavus}}, the only Pokémon introduced in a generation in which there are no other Pokémon of one of its types.
*Kingdra is often mistranslated to "Kingora" in the Chuang-Yi translation of [[Pokémon Adventures]].
*Kingdra is the only Pokémon to ''always'' be the main (highest levelled) of TWO Gym Leaders, namely [[Clair]] and [[Juan]]. While [[Pidgeot]] also falls under this distinction, it is only during [[Falkner|Falkner's]] and [[Blue|Blue's]] rematches that this occurs.
Kingdra is based on a {{wp|weedy sea dragon}}, although the fact that it dwells on the sea floor while creating whirlpools may be based on the mythical monster Charybdis from "{{wp|The Odyssey}}", a greek epic poem by the poet Homer.