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Appendix:Mystery Dungeon 2 walkthrough/Chapter 2

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==Forming an Exploration Team==
The player and partner head for [[Wigglytuff Guild]] and step onto a grate that lets a Pokémon look at another Pokémon's footprint. After some trouble analyzing the player'syour footprint, the playeryou and your partner enter the Guild. [[{{OBP|Chatot (|Mystery Dungeon 2 character)|Chatot]]}}, the Guild's second-in-command, introduces themyou to the Guild Master, [[{{OBP|Wigglytuff (|Mystery Dungeon 2 character)|Wigglytuff]]}}. After selecting a name for the player'syour new team, Wigglytuff gives the teamit an official Exploration Team Badge, a Wonder Map, a [[Zinc Band]], a colored ribbon, and a [[Treasure Bag]]. Chatot shows theyou teamand theiryour partner your room and later theyyou have dinner with the rest of the Guild and go to bed.
==The First Mission==
The next morning, {{p|Loudred}} wakes theyour team up, abruptly shouting into theiryour room. Startled, theyou teamand your partner headshead out to the main room. The guild assembles and cheer the guild's motto:
Then the guild's members go to work. Chatot calls theyour team to the Job Board and tells the playeryou and your partner basic information about [[Dungeon|Mystery Dungeons]] and gives theyour team their first mission, retrieving a {{p|Spoink|Spoink}}'s}} pearl.
==[[Drenched Bluff]]==
On the 7th floor, theyou team findsfind Spoink's pearl and returnsreturn it to the Guild. In the Guild, Spoink gives theyour team many items and 2000 {{tt|Poké|The currency of the Pokémon World}}. TheYour partner is very excited about the big payroll but Chatot explains that the guild takesshall take most of the Poké and giveswill give only 10% to the team. TheYour partner is very disappointed. After dinner, the team goes to bed.
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