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Leech Seed (move)

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Generation II and on
1/8 of the target's HP is drained instead. {{m|Rapid Spin}} will release a Pokémon from the effects of Leech Seed.
In Generation III, in a [[double battle]], Leech Seed will only heal the Pokémon in the position that used Leech Seed. If the trainerTrainer only has two Pokémon left, and the Pokémon that was being healed by Leech Seed is KO'd, the effect of Leech Seed simply disappears rather than transferring over to the remaining Pokémon.
In Generation IV, if the user is holding the item {{DL|In-battle effect item|Big Root}}, Leech Seed will sap 30% more HP then it normally would. Big Root does not increase damage dealt. All other effects remain the same.