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Appendix:Metagame terminology

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A moveset with {{m|Baton Pass}} and at least one stat-boosting move or {{m|Psych Up}}, {{m|Mean Look}} or {{m|Substitute}}. Designed to raise one or more stats and/or activate one or more of the above moves, then Baton Pass the effects to another Pokémon. Stat boosts are countered by a '''Hazer''' or '''Pseudo-Hazer'''. A good example of a Baton Passer is {{p|Ninjask}}, who gains one level of Speed after each turn due to its ability {{a|Speed Boost}}. It often abuses the move {{m|Protect}} and may use {{m|Swords Dance}} and/or Substitute too. Baton Passers can counter Pseudo-Hazers by passing {{m|Ingrain}}, but that can only be done by a {{p|Smeargle}}.
===Baton PassingPass Chain (Passchain)===
Continuous use of the move {{m|Baton Pass}} on various Pokémon in order to accumulate stat boosts, often used to boost and pass a variety of different stats that one Pokémon couldn't pass itself.
Any Pokémon that knows {{m|Selfdestruct}} or {{m|Explosion}}. The aim is to knock out the opponent's Pokémon within one turn, also causing the Bomber to faint in the process. In [[Double Battle]]s, Bombers are typically paired with a {{t|Ghost}} Pokémon, or one that knows {{m|Protect}} or {{m|Detect}}, as both moves hit all other Pokémon on the field. Countered by Ghost types, Protect/Detect or the {{a|Damp}} ability.
===Choice Bander/CBer===
Any Pokémon that is 'sacrificed' against a strong opponent. The aim is to weaken the opponent's Pokémon before the sacrificial Pokémon is knocked out, then switch to a stronger Pokémon, preferably one whose moveset has an advantage over the opponent. A Decoy is often used to switch to a different Pokémon without causing damage to the Pokémon one wants to battle by sacrificing the Decoy.
Similar to both a Decoy and a Wall, a Distractor is basically a Pokémon that is trained to have a very high Defense and Special Defense and a variable hp level. This is to literally distract your opponent from any strategy they might have come up with by making them focus on merely getting past the Distractor Pokémon. It is also specialized in knowing {{m|Substitute}} in order to buy it some time at the risk of a high powered attack so they can stay in battle longer. A Distractor Pokémon usually has a low Attack and Special Attack because they aren't intended for fighting.
===Double Rester===
A combination of {{m|Double Team}} and {{m|Rest}} quite common back in the [[Generation II]] days. In Standard Rules, Evasion Clause forbids use of {{m|Double Team}} so this strategy is rarely seen.
Any Pokémon that makes use of {{m|Dragon Dance}}. Usually fast physical sweepers like {{p|Kingdra}} or {{p|Salamence}}.
Any Pokémon that is made to {{m|Endure}} to one HP and receive a boost from the berry its low health activates. Berries this works with include [[Liechi Berry]], [[Ganlon Berry]], [[Salac Berry]], [[Petaya Berry]], [[Apicot Berry]], [[Micle Berry]], and [[Custap Berry]]. Often combined with the below set and partnered with a Bomber in doubles, but not always. Also known by '''Endure''' (berry's name).
A moveset designed to {{m|Endure}} down to one HP, then {{m|Reversal}} or {{m|Flail}} for massive damage, since Reversal and Flail have 200 base power at 1%-4% HP. The item held is often a [[Salac Berry]] or a [[Liechi Berry]], tying in with the previous strategy.
===Evasion clause===
The use of evasion boosting moves like {{m|Double Team}}, or {{m|Minimize}}, is forbidden under the Evasion Clause. Similar moves which instead decrease the opposing Pokémon's accuracy, such as {{m|Sand-Attack}}, {{m|Mud-Slap}}, {{m|Mirror Shot}}, {{m|Mud Bomb}}, and {{m|Acupressure}}, are more widely accepted.
A moveset with two One-Hit-Knockout moves, {{m|Sleep Talk}}, and {{m|Rest}}. Its name is a derivative of "{{m|Fissure}}".
===Follow Me Wall===
A special kind of wall used exclusively in Double Battles, using the move {{m|Follow Me}} in order to give the wall's partner some breathing room to do something. It can be used to protect the Glass Cannon, or to allow use of the move {{m|Focus Punch}} among other things. This strategy can be countered with {{m|Torment}} or {{m|Taunt}}. A good example of a Follow Me Wall would be {{p|Togekiss}}.
===Glass Cannon===
Usually used as an abbreviation for "Hit Points", but often refers to the move {{m|Hidden Power}}. For example, "HP Water" refers to a Hidden Power that is of the {{type2|Water}}.
===HP Sponge===
A type of Wall that relies primarily on high HP for defense, instead of Defense and Special Defense stats. These types of Pokémon benefit greatly from Leftovers and Healing moves. Common ones include Blissey and Snorlax.
===IV Battle===
A Pokémon team that is entirely of one certain type, or even one species. These are more common on Random PBR matches than in serious matches. This is often countered since they can bring in something that has a type advantage such as a Dark-Type against a Mono-Ghost team.
A move that is Neutral against a dual-typed Pokémon due to one type being Super-effective and the other being not very effective. Examples include a {{t|Bug}} or {{t|Fighting}} move on {{p|Honchkrow}} or {{p|Metagross}}, A {{t|Flying}} type move on {{p|Scizor}} or {{p|Forretress}} and a {{t|Grass}} move on {{p|Torterra}} or {{p|Ludicolo}} among many others.
===[[One-hit knockout move|OHKO moves]]===
Any one of the following: {{b|Liechi}}, {{b|Ganlon}}, {{b|Salac}}, {{b|Petaya}}, {{b|Apicot}}, {{b|Lansat}}, and {{b|Starf}}. These berries raise a specific stat when the holder's HP falls below 1/3 (or in a pinch, hence the name). Petaya, Salac and Liechi are the most commonly used, as extra defense typically isn't very useful when health is that low. Though usually found on Enduring, Substituting or Belly Drumming Pokémon, {{p|Drifblim}} does well with [[Petaya Berry]] with combination with the {{a|Unburden}} ability.
===PseudoDual PasserScreens===
A moveset with {{m|Wish}}, {{m|Safeguard}}, {{m|Light Screen}} and/or {{m|Reflect}} in it. Reflect and Light Screen are countered by {{m|Brick Break}}.
===Pseudo Hazer (PHazer)===
A moveset with either {{m|Whirlwind}} or {{m|Roar}}, which is intended to force a stat-boosted Pokémon out of the ring. A '''Shuffler''' can also be a PHazer. A moveset with a move like {{m|Yawn}}, {{m|Leech Seed}}, or {{m|Charm}} can also be considered a PHazer. If the opponent decides not to switch out after being hit with one of these moves, he/she will have a hard time continuing the battle with their current Pokémon.
A flexible term that can be used to refer to any Pokémon (usually non-[[Legendary Pokémon|legendary]]) by either the Pokémon's {{pkmn|trainer}}, or a [[Player character|player]], that generally has a combination of [[Base stats|high stats]] and/or a versatile movepool. Because the term can be designated by the Pokémon trainer, any Pokémon considered weak to one trainer could be considered a powerhouse to another. Notable Pokémon widely considered powerhouses include all of the [[pseudo-legendary]] Pokémon as well as {{p|Gyarados}}, {{p|Heracross}}, {{p|Flygon}}, or {{p|Lucario}}.
===Priority Move===
A move that allows the user to attack first despite having a lower Speed stat. The priority moves are {{m|Quick Attack}}, {{m|Mach Punch}}, {{m|Vacuum Wave}}, {{m|Extremespeed}}, {{m|Aqua Jet}}, {{m|Bullet Punch}}, {{m|Ice Shard}}, and {{m|Sucker Punch}}.
A Pokémon that uses {{m|Stealth Rock}}, similar to a '''Spiker'''. Stealth Rock is a very common move in the metagame and almost every team employs a Rocker.
A Pokémon that is holding a [[Focus Sash]], usually a very frail one such as {{p|Dugtrio}} or {{p|Weavile}}, so it can survive a hit.
Any Pokémon with a moveset that has at least one attack that never misses, such as {{m|Faint Attack}}. Other Seeker moves are {{m|Swift}}, {{m|Vital Throw}}, {{m|Aerial Ace}}, and {{m|Shock Wave}}. These attacks are countered by {{m|Fly}}, {{m|Dig}}, {{m|Dive}}, {{m|Bounce}}, {{m|Protect}}, {{m|Detect}} and {{m|Shadow Force}}. This can also refer to a Pokémon that uses {{m|Lock-On}} or {{m|Mind Reader}} on an opponent that uses {{m|Fly}}, {{m|Dig}}, {{m|Bounce}}, or {{m|Dive}}, which ensures that the next attack hits the opponent, despite them using any of the four moves. After using Lock-On or Mind Reader, the attacks will also hit through a Protect or Detect.
===Shuffler (Parashuffler/Pyroshuffler/Toxishuffler)===