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Tower Tycoon Palmer

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On the first peice, you cant just cut out letters to fit it. it doesnt full re-arrange, therefore it doesnt actually work. the second one is not trivia.
* Palmer's battle music in {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}} is the same as [[Cynthia]]'s battle theme. In {{v2|Platinum}}, it changes to match the other four [[Frontier Brains]].
** Interestingly, he was battling Cynthia herself in his first anime appearance, in the cameo at the beginning of the twelfth movie.
* Palmer's name can be rearranged to make his son's default name, Pearl, with an extra "m".
** Similarly, Palmer's Japanese name is the name of an Asian palm tree, while "Jun", one of Pearl's names, can mean "bamboo shoot", another Asian plant.