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[[File:Chamochamopretty_logo.gif|thumb|250px|right|The logo for the series.]]
'''Pokémon {{tt|Chamo-Chamo|"Chamo" being the sound an Achamo (Torchic) makes}} ☆ Pretty ♪''' (Japanese: '''"チャモチャモ☆ぷりてぃ''') is a {{pkmn|manga}} series by the ''{{wp|shōjo}}'' author [[Yumi Tsukirino]] and is a spin-off of [[Magical Pokémon Journey]].
The series is a comedy-styled manga which follows the continuing adventures of {{MPJ|Pikachu}} and {{MPJ|Clefairy}} who are joined by new friends {{Ccp|Torchic}} and {{Ccp|Mightyena}}.