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[[File:CarriePS2.png|thumb|Carrie in Pokémon Stadium 2]]'''Carrie''' (Japanese: '''オクル''' ''Okuru'') is a little girl who appears in the [[Generation II]] {{pkmn|games}}. She is a frequent visitor of the [[Goldenrod Department Store]], and loves to use [[Mystery Gift]] with people. She appears in {{g|Stadium 2}} to Mystery Gift with the {{player}} through the [[Transfer Pak]].
As with any user of Mystery Gift, she will appear in [[Viridian City]]'s [[Trainer House]] if she was the last person the player used Mystery Gift with. Also, as with any character battled in the Trainer House, her sprite will appear as {{ga|Gold}}'s {{2v2|Gold|Silver}} sprite (including in [[Pokémon Crystal Version|Crystal]], which uses a different sprite for Gold himself).