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Clefairy (Pokémon)

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* Clefairy is the first Pokémon not to have a base happiness of 70. Its base happiness is 140.
*Clefairy and {{p|Clefable}} share the same [[species]] name with {{p|Snubbull}} and {{p|Granbull}}. They are all known as the Fairy Pokémon.
*Clefairy was originally going to be the official mascot of Pokémon, but {{p|Pikachu}} was used instead due to the popularity of the {{pkmn|anime}} and Pikachu's familiarity with fans.<ref>''Pikachu's Global Adventure: the Rise and RallFall of Pokémon''. By Joseph Jay Tobin. Page 63.</ref>
*Despite what its Pokédex entries may insinuate, Clefairy cannot learn {{m|Fly}}.