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Glitch City

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*Pressing start while in Glitch City to bring up the [[menu]] often changes the appearance of the glitched terrain. This is sometimes permanent for the remainder of the time spent in Glitch City, and will at times change all of the tiles into Surf tiles. [[Fishing]] may have a similar effect.
*Wild Pokémon data is inherited from the map that the player entered Glitch City from. {{p|Tentacool}}, for example, are common in the [[Route 20]] Glitch City. This does, of course, mean that [[Missingno.]] and [['M]] can be made to appear in Glitch City, if surfed in a coast border.
*Background music is also inherited from the map the player entered from. Sea-only routes play their background music, which is normally unheard due to Surf having its own background music.