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Written so much like a walkthrough it hurts.
'''Pokémon Dash''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンダッシュ''') is a [[Pokémon]] racing game for [[Nintendo DS]]. It iswas the first Pokémon game released for the Nintendo DS and the first game featuringto feature {{p|Munchlax}}. The {{player}} plays as {{p|Pikachu}}, sliding the stylus across the touch screen in order to keep Pikachu moving, and competing against other Pokémon in the various game modes and GPsracing Cups.
To makeallow the player to become familiar with the game's controlcontrols, the game first thingoffers the he or she should do is play thea practice mode. After completingthe player completes it, the various game modes and GPsCups arebecome accessible.
The game has 5 Cups: Green Cup, White Cup, Blue Cup, Yellow Cup and Red Cup, each consisting of 5 courses. The courses may differ in the differentvarious GPsGrand Prixes and the other game modes. In order to unlock a new GPGrand Prix, the player needs to complete the previous GPPrix first by winning all its five cupsof its Cups.
There is also a mode which allows the player to create his/her own cupsCups with courses made of Pokémon sprites from the GBA Versions {{game|Ruby and Sapphire|s|Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire}}, {{3v2|FireRed|LeafGreen|Emerald}} versions. This mode will beis unlocked togetheralong with the Hard GPGrand Prix mode, after hethe or sheplayer has completed the Regular GPGrand Prix. ''For detailed information on those special courses, see {{DL|Pokémon Dash|Special courses}}.''
==Single player==
===Regular GP and Hard GP===
In these two GPsmodes, the player races from checkpoint to checkpoint in a specified order. The player competes with about equally-sized Pokémon.
===Expert GP===
In the Expert GPmode, the player starts from the hot-air balloon, havingwith a view over the whole course. WhenThe theplayers playerthen startsdives diving totowards the ground, and the race begins. All checkpoints have tomust be reached, but in no specifiedany order. This gives the player the opportunity to choose where to start the race and allows him/her to play in his/her own way and strategy. Thewith reasonhis whyown it's called Expert GP is that the player has to find out the best way around the course in order to be the first to reach all checkpointsstrategy. Additionally, theThe player will now also compete with larger Pokémon such as {{p|Blaziken}} or {{p|Mightyena}}, making the races even more difficult.
===Time Attack===
==Special courses==
ThePokémon gameDash includes over 420 special courses. To break down into smaller parts, there417 are 417obtainable downloadableby gamecommunicating courses from thewith Game Boy Advance, whichPokémon versions. These include courses starring all 28 Unown, 4the four Formes of {{p|Deoxys}}, and an [[Pokémon Egg|Egg]]. There are also three special courses that can be downloaded from official events thatwhich star {{p|Munchlax}}, {{p|Pikachu|Surfing Pikachu}}, and {{p|Pikachu|Flying Pikachu}}.
The game received a mediocrelukewarm score fromreception, IGNmainly due to the fact that the player could only play as {{p|Pikachu}} in single player,. Another common complain was that the andgame could alsopotentially be finished within hours.
* Although this is a [[Generation III]] game, it features {{p|Munchlax}} fairly prominently (i.e. more so than mostother games in whcih Munchlax appeared, "sneaksuch peek"as cameos{{g|XD}}).
* [[MyIf Pokémon Ranch]]that makesparticpate ain referenceraces to Pokémonin Dash. Ifare Pokémon that racepresent in this[[My game are on thePokémon Ranch]], then the Pokémon might have a race as one of the game's events.