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== Translation ==

It serves no earthly purpose, but I've been able to translate some of this card. If the entire card can be translated (this is doubtful), I will add the translation to the article. Maybe this had been translated before; but if so, why isn't that translation in the article? Here goes:
*M, E, and W are all easily identifiable from the card's name.
*A, K, N, and S are all identifiable from Weakness (WE---E--, but it's clearly Weakness), on the left.
*P, C, and I are all identifiable because the text below the attack name is NEW S-E--ES... New Species. C is ', meaning the attack name has six letters... PS-C-E... Psyche?
*R and T are identifiable from Resistance (-ESIS-ANCE, but it's obvious anyway), on the left.
*O is identifiable from RETREAT C-ST (Retreat Cost), near the bottom. This also confirms almost all the other symbols I've translated.
*The symbols used for HP do not appear to correspond with the other symbols. The second one (P in English) does not match the P found in the attack name and in New Species. It makes sense, therefore, for the first (H) to not match the possible H in the attack name.
*The text following New Species does NOT appear to be Pokémon. Here's the incomplete translation: -ITT-EKO-...**EYI-
*Notes on the above: The third-to-last symbol before the ... is smudged on the article image, but I dug up my own ancient Mew and checked it. The Y after the ... is still unsure, since the attack name may not be Psyche. The two asterisks are smaller characters that may or may not be part of the same symbol set or word. The second one bears a resemblance to R. The ... may be symbols.
*Final notes: The card's type is Psychic, and the attack requires two Psychic energies. The card's HP is probably 100, since only one digit is unlikely. Is this is the case, the attack's power is 1--, possibly 10-. The card is weak against Psychic and resistant to nothing. This card's retreat cost is 2.
If you can help translate more (especially the incomplete word below the attack name, I get the feeling I'm missing something that could be obvious) or notice a mistake I've made, please say so. [[User:LordArceus|<span style="color:#FF0000">'''Lord'''</span>]][[User talk:LordArceus|<span style="color:#FF0000">'''Arc'''</span>]][[Special:Contributions/LordArceus|<span style="color:#FF0000">'''eus'''</span>]] 01:48, 12 November 2009 (UTC)