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Aesthetic changes: "Got?" Really?
* The [[Pokétch]] has been redesigned. Players can now move up and down between apps instead of having to go through all of them to return to a previous one.
* Some of the [[move]]s have been redesigned and have a different animation, such as {{m|Razor Leaf}} and {{m|Spacial Rend}}.
* When Pokémon are sent out from their [[Poké Ball]]s, their back sprites now animate much like their front sprites have since {{v|Emerald}} (i.e., multiple frames of animation in addition to the various distortions and filters already used). Front sprites for {{cat|Generation IV Pokémon}} and other Pokémon in the [[Sinnoh Dex]] have also changed. Certain Pokémon not in the Sinnoh Dex, like {{p|Meowth}}, also gotreceived a change in sprites.
* When battling certain {{pkmn|Trainer}}s such as [[Gym Leader]]s, [[Frontier Brain]]s and {{ga|Pearl}}, theirthe Trainers' sprites are now animated to move in the same manner as Pokémon.
* Some trainers now use [[seals]] when sending out some of their Pokémon.
* The {{Gym|Eterna}}, {{Gym|Hearthome}}, and [[Veilstone Gym]]s have all had complete redesigns in the interior.