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At the start, the player sees a [[television|newscast]] about a sighting of a [[Shiny Pokémon|red]] {{p|Gyarados}}. TheyThe player then headheads to theirhis or her {{ga|Pearl|best friend}}'s house and gogoes to [[Lake Verity]] with him to see if there are any similar Pokémon living in it. Once there, two wild {{p|Starly}} attack. Nearby is a briefcase containing [[Starter Pokémon|three Pokémon]] that the two choose from to fight off the {{type2|Flying}}s. As is always the case, the player's best friend, who becomes the rival, takes the Pokémon that weakenshas a type advantage over the player's choice. The professor's assistant, who is the alternate-[[gender]] player character fromof the player, takes the remaining starter. After the Starly is defeated, the two return to Twinleaf Town with [[Professor Rowan]]'s briefcase. Back in Twinleaf Town the player's mother gives him or her runninga shoespair of [[Running Shoes]], and then the player leaves for Sandgem Town to return the briefcase. After meeting Professor Rowan, he gives the player the Pokémon theychosen choseat the lake to keep and a [[Pokédex]]. This sets one of the primary aims inof the game, completing the Pokédex. The player then sets off to explore Sinnoh and defeat [[Gym Leader]]s in order to advance further in the plot, challenge the [[Elite Four]] and become the [[Champion]] of Sinnoh.
During the course of the game, there are many conflicts with the evil [[Team Galactic]] and theirits leader, [[Cyrus]]. When the power of {{p|Dialga}} or {{p|Palkia}} (depending on the version), summoned by Cyrus (the arch antagonist), begins to overwhelm Sinnoh, {{p|Uxie}}, {{p|Mesprit}} and {{p|Azelf}} appear and negate the power flow, and the player must catch or defeat the [[Legendary Pokémon|legendary]].
After the player defeats the Elite Four, there isare somefurther extraactivities storylineto left,pursue. These mainly concerningconcern capturingthe previouslycapture notof previously availableunavailable Pokémon, extra- features such as the PokéRadar, exploringexploration of previously unaccessable places such as the [[Fight Area|Fight]], [[Survival Area]]Survival, and [[Resort Area|Resort Areas]] and perfectioningthe perfection of battle skills in the {{si|Battle Tower}}.