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[[File:Survival area.PNG|thumb|left| Survival Area as it appears in {{game|Platinum}}, aesthetically redesigned.]]
'''Survival Area''' is an area in [[Battle Zone|northern]] [[Sinnoh]] accessible after beating the {{si|Elite Four}}. It links [[Route 225]] with [[Route 226]]. According to the in-game text, it is a place where ''"{{pkmn|Trainer}}s gather to work out and hone their battling skills."'' Survival Area is also a training place for those who lose in the {{si|Battle Tower}}/[[{{Gdis|Battle Frontier (Sinnoh)|Battle Frontier]]IV}}. There are only five buildings in the Survival Area, including a [[Pokémon Center]] and [[Poké Mart]]. In the southernmost house, the {{player}} may obtain {{TM|42|Facade}}. In the westernmost one, [[Buck]]'s grandfather lives. The last house, inhabited by a [[Hiker]], is reachable only via [[Route 226]]. In {{game|Platinum}}, this hiker acts as one of the game's three new [[Move tutor]]s.
==Places of Interest==