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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
==In the Pokémon Adventures manga==
The Pokémon Tower debuted in ''[[PS013|Sigh for Psyduck]]'' and again in ''[[PS014|That Awful Arbok!]]'' in the [[Red, Green & Blue chapter (Adventures)|Red, Green & Blue chapter]]. A man living in [[Lavender Town]] told {{adv|Red}} about [[Literal ghost|ghosts]] and that his [[rival]] {{adv|Blue}} had not come back for months. So Red went up there to investigate and fond loads of gravestones. Then a {{p|Psyduck}} came out from behind the shadows only to find out it was a zombie, then loads of oother zombie Pokémon came out.
Red decided to attack with [[Saur|Bulbasaur]]'s {{m|Razor Leaf}} to only do nothing, until Bulbasaur used {{m|Vine Whip}} which turned it to dust and bones. Suddenly all the other zombie Pokémon started attacking to only be controlled by a ghost.
Red then saw Blue with his [[{{TP|Blue's Charizard|Charmeleon]]|Charizard}} started attacking Red, suddenly a {{p|Gastly}} appeared only to be attacked by Blue which took the curse of Blue and his Charmeleon with a bit of help from Red. Suddenly [[Koga]] appeared with an {{p|Arbok}} which was spewing venom everywhere. After a big battle Blue's Charmeleon cut Arbok in half, and Koga made a hasty getaway with his {{p|Golbat}}. Mr. Fuji's {{p|Doduo}} had a place to rest in peace.