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Image for the Arceus tin will go up as soon as I get one.
=== Fall 2009 Collector's Tins ===
[[File:Fall 2009 Collector's Tins.jpg|right|thumb|Fall 2009 Collector's Tins]]
These tins were released on September 2, 2009. They include reprints from ''{{TCG|Supreme Victors}}'', with new artwork, of three of the more popular Pokémon featured in the expansion: {{p|Charizard}}, {{p|Rayquaza}} and {{p|Garchomp}}. These reprints were never released in Japan.
'''Promotional cards:'''
=== Arceus Collector's Tin ===
The ''[[File:Arceus Collector's Tin'' is due to be released alongside ''{{TCG.jpg|right|thumb|90px|Platinum: Arceus}}'' on November 4, 2009. It will feature a promotional Arceus LV.''X'Collector's card with new artwork, though it is not yet known which of the three Arceus LV.''X'' cards from the set this will be.Tin]]
This tin was released on November 4, 2009. It includes a reprint of one of the three {{p|Arceus}} LV.''X'' cards in the ''{{TCG|Platinum: Arceus}}'' expansion, released on the same day as the Collector's Tin. This promotional reprint was never released in Japan.
'''Promotional card:'''
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Arceus LV.X|53}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 53)
* ''Platinum: Arceus'' booster packs (×3)
* ''Diamond & Pearl'' or ''Platinum'' Series booster packs (×2)
* ''{{TCG|POP Series 9}}'' booster pack (×1)