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Hazel's Jigglypuff

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'''Jigglypuff''' is one of the main characters of [[PokémonMagical PiPiPiPokémon AdventureJourney]]. Her family is apparently rich -- she and her sister {{PiPiPiMPJ|Wigglytuff}} live in a mansion with maids and a butler ({{PiPiPiMPJ|Squirtle}}).
Jigglypuff is very spoiled. She's used to being treated like a little princess and always getting her own way. Whenever she gets mad, she puffs up to a enormous size (she also puffs up to float, and once when she fell from a cliff). She also loves to cook, but everything she makes tastes absolutely vile. In fact, some of the food she makes has almost killed people, or made them explode or faint. Only {{p|Snorlax}} can handle her food.
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