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[[Image:TransferPak.jpg|thumb|right|The Transfer Pak]]
The '''Transfer Pak''' (Japanese: '''64GBパック''') is a peripheral for the [[Nintendo 64]] that allows for the transfer of data between the console and [[Game Boy]] or [[Game Boy Color]] cartridges. The device came as a pack-in with the first [[Pokémon Stadium series|Pokémon Stadium]] title, although it could also be purchased seperatelyseparately. With the Transfer Pak, players are able to upload Pokémon and items from their Game Boy games into the Stadium games for storage, or to be used in battles and mini-games. It also allows the player to trade Pokémon (two Transfer Paks required) and even play their Game Boy Pokémon games on TV using the [[Game Boy Tower]] feature.
==Pokémon Games with Transfer Pak support==